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The Vapids are a punk rock band from Burlington Ontario Canada. they formed in 1993 as the Swansons.
they released one demo cassette tape, then changed their name to The Vapids when founding member Mike Bombadier quit to attend university. Currently, Hamilton Ontario Canada is their home base
"Five Minute Major" CD.1995 fish tank records/independant (500 copies in orange)
"Five Minute Major" CD 1996 Crack Records (1000 copies in b/w)
"Drink Beer" CD 1997 Crack Records (2000 copies)
"Wanna Fuck Around" cassette tape 1997 (450 copies) independant/amp records
"Wanna Fuck Around" CD 1998 independant/Amp Records (500 copies) (cassette +28 bonus songs)
"Charm School Dropouts CD 2001 Amp Records/Independant (1000 copies)
"Teenage Head" CD 2003 Double Hell Records (1000 copies)
"The Vapids/The Riptides" split CD, 2004 Goblin Records (1000 copies)
"The Point Remains The Same" CD 2007 Independant (1000 copies)
"Charm School Dropouts" LP, 2009 Surfin Ki Records, 400 copies (white, black)
"Suburban reptiles" LP - 2016 surfin ki records. 500, black/red
" Suburban Reptiles" CD - Commando records 2016 

"self Titled" 3 song 7", 1997 Crack Records. 500 copies, yellow vinyl
"Spit, Sweat and Beers" 4 song 7", 1998 independant. 500 copies, all black.
"the Vapids/Handicap Five" split 7" 1999, 1000 copies, all black
"the Vapids/the Strikeouts" split 7" 2000 drunk records
"we can't do it" 3 song 7", 2002 route 13 records, 300 copies, all gold
"the Point Remains the same" 3 song 7", 2009 Surfin Ki records, 300 copies (green,grey,black)
"Punitive Damage" 3 song 7", 2015 Surfin ki records . 350 copies, red/black
"the Vapids / the Mugwumps" split 7", 2016 striped records.

JIMMY VAPID has released 3 different 7" records, all from Surfin Ki Records in Italy.
"Humble Beginnings" "Realities of war" and "Triangulator"
they were released in 2012/2013.

Two Demo Tapes, both from 1994, 40 copies each
"Most of the stuff and more"  CDR, 100 copies, in black plastic cases, 2001
"Leave Home" CDR, 25 copies, 1999
"teenage powerchord massacre" CDR 25 copies, 1999
"New Wave Humor" CDR, 100 copies
"Live at the Continental NYC" CDR, 25 copies, 2005
"The Point remains the same" Cassette tape version, 2007, 25 copies
DEE COLVINS 7" (spit sweat and beers with different covers, 50 copies) 2005
"three things at once" CDR, first 3 7"s, 2000, 40 copies
"Live at Equalizing Distort" live radio broadcast. 15 copies on CDR 2007
THE VAPIDS have appeared on atleast 70 V/A compilations

Jimmy Vapid - vocals, guitar and sometimes bass.
Scotty Vapid - drums.
Jay Toulmin (J.T Vapid) bass 1994-1998 and 2005-2007. 
Doug Hill (Dully Vapid) (Doug Hell) Bass 1998
Adrian Brent (Chuck No-Star) bass 1999-2003
John Gazzola (Johnny No-Frills) Guitar 1999 - 2004, for 20 minutes in 2008
Robert DeGrunt (Robo) Guitar 2004-2008
Eric Felgner (Eric) Bass 2007-present
Matthew Ellis  (Matthew O'Dellis) guitar 2008 - present
Robo sadly passed away in 2012
2016 line up, Scott, Jim, Eric and Matthew

The Vapids played 486 shows. the first one being at spencer smith park in 1994, the last at the Whippit Lounge, London Ontario in 2008.

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